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Our History, Values and Mission

Cole's Truck Washing Inc. has offered outstanding fleet washing services in the Puget Sound since 2002. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with a thorough wash of their fleet because we understand that image for your company means everything. The central point of our mission is providing the best truck wash and customer experience for all of our customers. We make your drivers feel good by delivering in a clean truck every time. We believe that no matter what size your fleet, you will appreciate the extra effort and attention that Coles Truck Washing provides.

Cole's Truck Washing Inc.'s Truck

Reasons for Our Success

Our customers are our principal priority. We strive to deliver dedicated, exceptional quality service every time we visit. We feature specially formulated detergents and hand washing for fleets large and small. There are many reasons for our success, and the most important include:

  • Our exceptional team of eager and passionate employees
  • Consistency: We will be there within the time window 24/7
  • Our commitment to 100% satisfaction
  • The highest quality truck washes at competitive prices

Our Mission

We understand that the most integral element of our success in Tacoma, Seattle and Auburn is our team of professionals. Our goals of delivering exceptional customer service are high, and our standards are even higher. At Cole's Truck Washing Inc., we work hard to recognize our employees because we know that they are the reason that our customers keep coming back.

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We enjoy hearing from our customers. Contact Cole's Truck Washing Inc. today at (253) 255-5060 to schedule a demonstration wash for your fleet and or detailed information about how we can keep your truck fleet shining.